Wanda Bar

Magnus Wanda Olympic Barbell is a multipurpose barbell for women. With a weight of 15kg and a diameter of 25mm makes this barbell very suitable and comfortable to use by women.

Magnus Wanda Olympic Barbell is made with standard knurling and without centre knurling. This barbell can be used for a variety of exercises such as Powerlifting, Olympic Lifting, and CrossFit.

Unlike men’s bar which is 2.2 meters long, the women’s barbell is only 2 meters long, which is adjusted to the standard female posture.


Wanda Bar


25 mm


200 cm


15 kg

Max. Load

700 kg


190.000 PSI


With the design of Pink Zinc-Coated and Black Zinc-Coated on Sleeves, this barbell is unique with a feminine yet strong impression. This barbell is designed for all the women who want to lift but still looking chic.

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